New Horizon brings the excitement back to the table with a newly formatted, professionally edited, all-in-one, standalone, tabletop RPG. This time around, you get to enjoy the killing in both digital, and print formats. NH is the perfect starting point, if you aren’t familiar with the Knights & Legends universe.

Released Nov. 1st 2019 | Available at DTRPG (Digital) & Blurb (Print)

You’ll be introduced to a freshly redesigned core system, and you’ll experience a complete bloodbath in combat with, severed limbs, impairing debilities and illnesses, along with the brand new parry & counter combat move that will reduce your foes to cinders.

The new family tree system, like never seen before, takes your character to their roots. You control your destiny. If you character dies, or becomes too old to keep on fighting, their offspring could takeover their role. Now you can build an entire bloodline of your favorite characters, and ease the pain.

The book features many illustrations by over 14 talented artists.

A new level system was introduced; It applies to, characters, the newly redesigned skills and spells system, and the armory. This new level system enables countless new character customization to take place. No two characters, are ever alike.

The campaign setting, is guaranteed to keep players hooked until the very end of the journey. Wait is there an end? Craft you custom adventures anytime you’d like, and keep on going! Slay frightening beasts of dark mythology, including but not limited to, Ghouls, Goblins, Chimeras, Hydras, Griffins, Succubi, and even the almighty Archdragon itself.

These are just some, of the many exciting and unique new things awaiting in this original dark fantasy adventure. NH is an original creation by Felix, J; renown author of classic K&L.