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Knights’ Conquest: World Champion Manager (October 13th 2022)

Knights’ Conquest is a text-based medieval adventure. Your goal is to become champion of the realm. To get there, you’ll need to defeat 20 seal bearers. Visit their stronghold and challenge each to a honorable duel. Then, and only then, you’ll be granted access to Castle Drakeheart. A place where you’ll face the ultimate challenger. Emerge victorious, and claim the spoils of your conquest.

Knights’ Conquest: Themed Dice Simulator

This dice simulator offers a sleek design and features the capacity of running multiple instances at the same time. Simply mirror it to the big screen, streams, or online sessions and save time with lightning fast dice rolls. Its compact design leaves plenty of room for other windows to be displayed alongside it. Perfect for Game Masters going digital, convenient to players as well.

Coming in 2023

  • Knights’ Conquest Tabletop RPG
  • Free Knights’ Conquest DLC

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