The year is E976, a world ruled under one banner. The banner of the fiery lion. Symbol of power, wisdom, and strength. You are a mere vagrant searching for better opportunities in life. Most of your life you lived as a myrmidon, a mercenary with no loyalty or allegiance to anyone, or anything other than gold. But as you grow older you find yourself longing for more. Your ambitions led you to Homestead, the forgotten fortress. There you initiate your new quest. To challenge the world’s champions, one by one, and achieve your ultimate goal, knighthood and all its spoils. Your ambitions will either make or brake you. You’re ready to die trying.


Mundus, or world, is the realm where you find yourself in. An array of 21 provinces set in the middle-ages, ruled by one monarch. Each with its own stronghold, fortresses built ages ago. The world finds itself mostly in peace, and knighthood is now merely a status, but still. Today, it’s a well paid job. Long gone are the days of castle sieges and bloody battlefields. Mankind is slowly evolving, and now it finds itself thriving in diplomacy. Duels have become a common sport in the realm, alongside jousting. Though they don’t come without its ails. Many citizens perish while engaging in such sports. They are not for the faint of heart, or mind.


When you enter the world you’ll be taken to the Hero Menu. This is where you can utilize attribute points gained from leveling into specific attributes like Strength, Endurance, and Charisma.

Strength: Increases attack power efficiently dealing more damage.

Endurance: Increases your resistance to physical attacks and increases your health.

Charisma: Governs how much others like you, increases payouts, and morale in a duel.

Attribute Points: Used to increase core attributes. Once used, an attribute point is no more.

Health Points: Your health represents life. Once your health is depleted to zero, it’s game over.

Experience Points: Governs how far you’re from leveling and earning spendable attribute points.

Ranks: These work as status quo, vanity and ego boosters. As you level up you’ll acquire higher decorative ranks.

Gold: This is the world’s currency. You’ll need gold for services. You can also earn some in exchange for labor and winning duels.


Performing certain tasks is crucial to help ends meet. Despite the world being in peace, there’s turmoil in economics, and gold is slowly losing its value. This equals to high prices on everyday needs. It’s important to manage your gold wisely. Available jobs aren’t infinite, meaning one must take caution not to overspend needlessly.

Your local blacksmith may offer services like steel tempering. This technique can increase your blade’s sharpness, causing it to deal more damage. However, the amount of times a smith can temper a weapon is significantly limited. Once your sword reaches maximum improvement you won’t be able to enhance it any further.


The most common item you’ll come across are Elixirs. These are life saving concoctions that can replenish health and keep you from dying. Another item that you may find are scrolls of wisdom, which provide knowledge, instantly minimizing required experience to level up. Some of these items are available at local shops, others can be found by chatting with locals, trading, etc.


Each Stronghold is guarded by a seasoned champion. These individuals were awarded their title by the King, upon proving themselves worthy of it. In order to claim worthiness you must visit each stronghold and defeat its champion. Only by acquiring 20 individual seals is that when you can be deemed worthy of entering Drakeheart Castle, the house of the 21st seal.


Combat can be said to be the heart of Knights’ Conquest, aside from its many features. Duels take a different turn than most traditional role playing games. Instead of doing the fight yourself, you must prepare or “Manage” your hero for combat. Entering combat ill equipped will likely result in poor outcomes. The game uses a complex algorithm to take into account many factors in order to simulate realistic combat outcomes. Each duel will last for one minute. Once the duel starts you’re unable to intervene until the battle is called. Knights’ Conquest isn’t about killing your opponent but more so of experiencing exciting, and at times, tense death-defying matches with AI scalable opponents as you advance in your quest. Though, be advised, in rare occasions one combatant may perish.

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