Transitioning Platforms

Since 2018, my games were exclusively sold using the drivethrurpg platform. At that time, as a beginner, my lack of experience led me to believe this was the best way to get my products out there. For the most part, it remains the only fully dedicated site on the web for when it comes to tabletop role-playing. Customer and publisher relations were pretty satisfactory for the most part. There were disagreements once in a while, but ultimately the resolution was always favorable to me, a developer and contributor to the site. By contributor, I strictly mean revenue generated by my games and commissions per sale paid to the platform.

But since late 2020 something began to nag me. As I analyzed charts such as traffic, sales origination, and other engagements. I realized most of my sales were coming from outside, not the site itself. Of course there were front page and also purchased impressions that led to sales from within the site itself. But a very, very large quantity of traffic and sales were coming from ads I created elsewhere.

Banners on the site generated close to no sales, category impressions were often my best bet. In other words, the contribution the site made towards my sales was largely at odds with the sales I myself generated. There was a lack of justification to why should I conform to a 35% industry norm, in commission per sale. The platform was basically a payment processor for the most part. All the heavy lifting was mostly done by me. On tax season another issue arises, paying my fair share to comply with my obligations. This drastically cuts revenue to about 50% on a yearly basis, for as long as I continue using dtrpg at least.

Another issue I had with the platform, was them turning a blind eye to harassment. I often say to people, if you’re going to be a problematic customer then I don’t want you. It’s that simple! Yet, the small mob of trolls continue their relentless harassment campaign which recently switched to full ad hominem. They don’t care about the games I make anymore, they made it very clear I am their obsession. You can read more about cancel culture trying to cancel me in my about page.

Since they weren’t able to stop my games from becoming best selling titles for four consecutive years, now they mostly focus in personal attacks. I’ve been occasionally pointing it out to staff since 2018, with proof. There’s always an excuse or an implication I’m the one who can’t take a bad review. Some of these dedicated trolls, will desperately go out their way by purchasing a game they supposedly don’t like? Only to leave biased reviews with hopes of sandbagging and sabotaging my products. Fortunately it’s all to no avail. To me, standing idly by is just as good as condoning this sort of behavior. Though, this is the least of my worries. Dedicated trolls will always be a thing, even switching platforms wont get rid of them. It’s part of the journey as a game developer, I fully understand and accept it. It’s the world we live in. Just pointing out another reason why I can’t afford to be earning anywhere close to 50% when I’m the one doing all the heavy lifting with development costs, marketing, logging interactions, etc.

During this transition, I wish to make it as pain free as possible to my current fanbase. There’s basically nothing they’ll need to do in terms of keeping previous purchases. Any content they bought from me through dtrpg will remain in their game library, where it belongs. They’ll continue to have access to their files uninterrupted. As for those wishing to purchase any of my titles, please follow the chart below.

GameStatusLeaving DTRPGEntering Itch
Knights & Legends: A Dark Fantasy Adventure 2eElectrum10/14/2021Discontinued
Knights & Legends: The Lost Relics (Adventure) Silver10/14/2021 Discontinued
Knights & Legends: Shadow Lords (Adventure) Silver 10/14/2021 Discontinued
Knights & Legends: Rogue Priest (Adventure\Expansion) Silver 10/14/2021 Discontinued
New Horizon: All-In-One Core Book (AK&L) Silver 10/26/2021 TBD
New Horizon: Shadow Lords Rewritten (Adventure) Silver 10/26/2021TBD
New Horizon: The Knight And The Wilds (Adventure) Copper10/26/2021TBD
Knights & Legends: Dark Ink 3e Silver TBDAvailable Now
Knights & Legends: The Lost Chapter (Demo)10/26/2021Removed
Knights & Legends: Dawn of a New AgeItch.io Only11/18/2021
Shotguns & Zombies: Zero Hour Itch.io Only 11/18/2021
Knights & Legends: Omega Itch.io Only 11/18/2021
Other Free SupplementsTBDTBD

Classic K&L will be discontinued indefinitely as Dark Ink will become the new way to play Knights & Legends. New Horizon aka AK&L, will eventually make its way to itch along with its alt adventures. All scheduled releases for November still on track with the exception of dtrpg. The Ultimate Edition for Dawn of a New Age will be repacked and made available on Itch. More on that coming soon!

Why Itch?

Itch.io is a well known gaming platform that I been quietly familiarizing myself with it for the past year or so. Many of my future releases include 3D games, I don’t think dtrpg with its current design makes a good fit for the type of products I’ll be selling. This decision comes after giving it much thought, also considering certain unfavorable limitations dtrpg currently imposes. From an outdated website design, to lack of modernized features. I’m well aware they’re currently working on a new design and that’s definitely very welcome. Unfortunately, it’s taking a very long time! But even within the limited preview the esthetics are looking a bit messy and overall I don’t see how my 3D games will have anything to do with the site. While my decision of pulling out doesn’t come easily, it’s unequivocally of my best interest as itch offers zero commission per sale. This allows me to keep my products affordable and continuously growing uninterrupted. This decision comes with both myself and the fanbase in mind. This will make for a much easier merge between Tabletop RPG players and 3D Gamers. All of your Knights & Legends products in one single spot!

Some may wonder, why switch from one to another and not use both e-stores? The answer is quite simple. Quality of life. As most already know, I’m a solo writer and programmer. Turning my titles into best sellers was no easy task. It’s a direct result of my continuous commitment to the gaming community. Needless to say, the easier to manage, the more fruitful further development will become.

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Felix, J.

Creator of Knights & Legends.