Final Build, 40-Minute Let’s Play Video, All You Need to Know!


Felix plays his latest creation in this 40-minute let’s play presentation. He also talks about the current state of the indie industry, and many other topics. Featuring all you need to know about Knights & Legends: Dawn of a New Age, before Early Access goes live on Q1 2021.


  • The best selling tabletop RPGs that helped create Dawn of a New Age 0:05
  • Gameplay starts 0:35
  • Explaining the story 2:08
  • Comparison Vanilla/Mod 7:05
  • Ongoing publisher negotiations 10:18
  • Planned updates 18:36
  • Delivering a bug free experience 23:08
  • The current state of the Indie market 24:00
  • More about the story, challenges, and replay value 25:40
  • Talking about free camera and orbit cam mechanics 38:16
  • Wrapping up gameplay 42:00

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Felix, J.

Final Build, 40-Minute Let’s Play Video, All You Need to Know!
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Creator of Knights & Legends.

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