Going Gold! Version 1.1, and Graphical Enhancements

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You heard that right! K&L: DNA is finally going gold, after nearly 11 months in the making the game is finally complete and ready for distribution. The final build demo is in the works and should be ready anytime near the game’s Early Access release, on November 6th.

Version 1.1 is the the current build the game will be launching in. With it, are many new improvements to graphics, lighting, and performance. Some fans in social media have hinted that Vaux Hills had a bit too much bloom. I heard their feedback and took things down a notch.

The new improvements made to the region, further enhance the suspenseful atmosphere of the game, keeping you on your toes and wandering what comes next. Check out the latest version 1.1 gameplay screenshots!

Opposed to version 1.0, now you’ll travel the hills in pitch dark conditions under the moonlight.

The new atmosphere keeps you ready and always on guard.

The new 1.1 enhancements tune down antialias and bloom a bit for better frame rate and performance.

Version 1.1 adds sharper contrast giving even more life to smaller details in the game.

Displaying both the protagonist and antagonist of the game. What sorts of mysteries are there to uncover!?

All the content you see above are taken straight from the game. In Knights & Legends, you’ll experience beautiful scenery, inspired by prestigious untouched landscapes in the world. This story driven adventure, draws inspiration from Shakespearean literature and dark mythology to deliver an unrepresented tale in the history of indie games. Knights & Legends: Dawn of a New Age, is an Indie game with the soul and ambition of its AAA counterparts.

28 days left for Early Access! On the next article, I’ll be highlighting the bonus content that comes with the ultimate edition, where to buy it, minimum machine specs, and much more!

If you’d like to get the news first, follow the game on IndieDB for the latest updates, Dev Blogs, and more. Thank you for stopping by!

Felix, J.


Going Gold! Version 1.1, and Graphical Enhancements
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