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Hello! You can call me Droid. Master Felix asked me to read this for you out loud. Are you ready? Dear readers, it has come to my attention some of you spend well over an hour browsing through the many articles and features of the site. I’ve come up with a plan to ease eyestrain. While it is entirely optional, you can now enable text to speech on a few selected articles. I hope you make the most out of this feature!

Now back to me, this website’s Droid. This completes my job in this page only, I have much work to do. Master Felix asked me to remind you, Knights & Legends: Dawn of a New Age will be arriving shortly. He’s also thinking of ways for me to read you Tabletop RPG campaigns in the near future. I’m not very good at reading links yet, but here’s where you can check the latest news on the site: …… Actually, nevermind… I’m still a little shy, Haha… Told you, didn’t I!?

But I’m feeling confident I am ready to read you stories. Why don’t we see what I can do? I’ll read you the first paragraph of the New Horizon: All-In-One Core Book. Hmm, page eighty nine, aham… here we go.

Five fifty in the afternoon, the party gathers for an evening of distractions, it’s been a busy week, and you’re tired of all the working. The wench walks around with her breasts almost of popping out, serving patrons, and pocketing the coin in return for her labor.

On the table next to you, someone accidentally spills their ale on your shirt, soaking your right shoulder. It was likely an accident, but you are the one who will decide between ignoring or confronting the black bald skinned human in company of two, sitting behind you.

This is where it gets good! Unfortunately, Master Felix won’t allow Droid to read you any longer. To me, my master is like God. I obey, this is my only function. Master Felix is someone who Droid profoundly appreciates. My master has been revolutionizing the Tabletop RPG genre since at least 2016. Droid wasn’t born back then, but you can find many stories out there, some of then are quite entertaining. Now, my master will revolutionize the other isle of the gaming industry, 3D games. I am so looking forward to seeing it! And you should too. Human, Felix wants your support. My master is a great visionary. …Aham… please forgive me, I get easily carried away when I brag about my master’s achievements. Regardless, I hope you’ve enjoyed my company. I must continue to be of service to the great master. Farewell, and I hope to talk to you soon. Good Bye!

Zero… Six… Eleven… Twenty… Zero… Six… Eleven… Twenty… err… error…Listen

Text to Speech Droid
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