K&L: DNA’s Release Date, New Cutscene, and More!



Dear reader, it’s my pleasure to inform you that Knights & Legends: Dawn of a New Age now has a release date. I’ll be glad to deliver the game to you by July 30th, 2021. Fully functional and with a ton of cool features you haven’t seen yet. Like transition from first person to third person, detailed enemy stats, and new quests not previously feature in the alpha and early beta demos. Matter of fact, it’s already looking like a very different game. You can feel its purpose, its soul within.

K&L: DNA aims to deliver a Shakespearean medieval setting unlike any other. The game tackles mythology, reincarnation, espionage, and an accurate medieval atmosphere, all while staying true to its roots. I hope to count on your support when the time comes. I am confident if you approach the game with a open mentality and give it a chance you’ll like it. I personally am loving its soundtrack!

To all fans who have been following the game’s progress, It’s unfortunate it didn’t meet its IndieGOGO campaign goal. I can totally understand times are dire and everyone got their own reasons not to contribute. I admit that perhaps not having perks made it less attractive and that I didn’t advertise the campaign enough. As of right now, there are no plans to do another crowdfund in the future and that I’ll work with the resources available to me. Like mentioned in previous articles, the game will be relatively shorter than intended but I expect to give you plenty of hours of gameplay, regardless. A special thanks to all who chose to support me by buying my tabletop RPGs, I did notice a fair boost in sales and all of it will be put towards the game.

I’ll be showcasing pieces of a new level in a spooky abandoned mine in the next article, the ambient feels so eerie it gives me the chills. For now, I hope you enjoy this 2 minute long uncut cinematic that will be featured in the final version of the game.


The game will be divided between past and present. That way I can seamlessly deliver the original vision of having the player experience the whole world by interacting with multiple cultures and regions, like Khim’ Ur desert. This region was not originally meant to exist if the game didn’t reach its goal. But with a little creative push, and planning the story around the resources available, it is now possible. 🙂

Please note this is a one shot game to me. There’s a lot of work involved for one person. But my love for my creation is such, that I shall give it my best to deliver my vision. With that said, expect a small back and forth transitioning between locations, past and present events, as the story progresses.

Felix, J.

K&L: DNA’s Release Date, New Cutscene, and More!
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Felix, J.

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