Hiatus (Tabletop Gaming)

Hiatus (tabletop gaming)
What does that mean?
As of today May 24th, 2020 I will no longer be writing for the community in order to pursue another job which is Knights & Legends: Dawn of a New Age.

The decision comes after giving it much though and consideration. The TRPG market is in decay, it’s a fact, I’ve closely watched it for the last 3 years.

What do you mean it’s in decay? A lot of the good people are gone. Whether for natural causes, disappointments, or like me, looking for better opportunities.

Politics ruin it for me
Major turn off. I’m a game designer, I don’t want to make Democrat or Republican games, or liberal, or non partisan. TRPGs are politicized all the time, that’s the ugly reality, I don’t like it. My main focus while serving the industry was to deliver a medieval setting. Generation Z and Millennials demand female characters be equal or stronger than man. Old timers don’t care. I don’t care! As someone who closely continues to study history, from South America to Europe, there’s nothing on record that describes women being stronger than men, etc… So why blame me, the writer?

Better wages
Truth is, to deliver the game I really want to deliver takes a lot of money and effort. I could never make a decent profit in this industry, the games that sell big have a lot of dirt behind them. I don’t want any association with the “you wash my hands, I wash yours” movement. I work alone, and I take much pride in it.

Thanks where it’s due

A special thanks to therpgsite, the only website dedicated to the hobby that’s free of censorship. Everything else out there is a garbage wasteland. Naturally, a special thanks to RPGPundit for keeping the site running for all these years.

Dan Davenport, is also someone to thank. Had a great time in my Q&A with him. Professional and unbiased.

A special thanks to all who purchased all my games. Knights & Legends, New Horizon, Supplements, etc… If I am able to take these steps today it’s because of you.

For all the freeloaders out there, please drop from my subscribers list. You’re wasting bandwidth!

What happens next

All my products will continue to be available to you through DTRPG & Blurb. Although, sense there was no help from the community to help develop K&L: DNA and that free for all TRPG I had envisioned, prices in all my products are going to go up as much as 15% by August 1st, in order to help with the development of my new 3D project.

My website will continue to receive updates regularly about K&L: DNA’s development until it’s released, 2 years from now.
From there, I’ll likely retire game design for good.

You may still see me engage with the trpg community here and there, from time to time.

Well folks, thank you for the last 3 years. I wish everyone well, and please stay safe!

Felix, J.

Hiatus (Tabletop Gaming)
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Felix, J.

Creator of Knights & Legends.