Now Available: K&L Classics

The collection of best sellers that started it all!

1 year ago, classic K&L made it’s debut. A game so polarizing, it sent the masses on a uproar. It stayed true to many aspects of the OSR days, while introducing something new, something bold. With it, a new system designed from the ground up. Aimed to reduce downtime by the commonly found complex rules that were more distracting than beneficial to those playing the average tabletop rpg.

A game that will forever stay in the minds of those who play it. Now back in its original format, without any of that fancy editing. A game with the true feel of a homebrew trpg. Highly customizable, friendly to beginners, and very useful to any Game Masters out there.

There’s more! It didn’t come alone. With it, comes the original campaign trilogy. Shadow Lords, Lost Relics, and the Rogue Priest expansion. All combined in one bundle. What are you waiting for!? Go there now!

Now Available: K&L Classics
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Felix, J.

Creator of Knights & Legends.