New Battle System and HUD Improvements

In this article, I’d like to bring forward some of the continued improvements made to the battle system. Picking up where article 5 left off, I’ve added cooldown timers to the HUD and the ability to defend against incoming attacks. As enemies get stronger I quickly realized once you start making battles more unforgiving there will be the need to know for sure whether you can or can’t cast a spell and perform a successful physical attack. Check it out at the short video below.

New Battle System and HUD Improvements – Indie DB

How does Defend work? When you press Z the hero will block up to 50% of the damage incurred. In this instance where the player faces off against the shinobi, blocking is a must in order to survive. Note as the shinobi uses Iaijutsu, a skill designed to kill your foe in one blow. Should you not defend against incoming attacks you’d lose this fight in 3 to 4 blows. I got my butt kicked several times while testing it out, this battle leaves no room for mistakes.

The armor you see equipped in the hero is a Lv. 3 Paladin suit. It grants better defense than Lv. 2 gear and so on… Combat in K&L is inspired by the Souls series frustrating difficulty, and it also focuses in mixing a bit of western and eastern elements together. What I’m doing here is trying to merge the aspects of JRPGs with something like TES or DA. There are more improvements on the way, and to be honest I’m not 100% sure of what the final battle setting will look like at the moment.

Combat will be a major element in the game. Some battles can be avoided, others can’t. Wandering too far off the main road will lead into encounters with bandits and direwolves. Sticking to the road is a good way to advance a bit quicker, but sacrifices the visually rewarding exploration element along with missed items and easter eggs.

Did you know you can download the alpha demo and experience some of the game’s setting right now? Check it out and thank you for reading! Don’t forget to follow for weekly updates and more 🙂

Download Knights & Legends: Dawn of a New Age | Demo (Alpha) – Indie DB

New Battle System and HUD Improvements
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