Skeleton Magi Test & More About The Battle System

In this article, I’d like to go a bit deeper into the battle mechanics and highlight some of its current features. Let’s begin with a quick raw demo from a random Skeleton Magi battle!

Skeleton Magi Test Battle (Raw Footage From Unity Editor) – Indie DB

The main character or hero, will always automatically engage the closest enemy. An enemy’s HP and strength will vary between weak, moderate, hard, and boss. Simpler enemies could be dealt with with one or two blows. Tougher enemies could take several hits. It’s important to note combat runs with an ATB style meter in the background. That means you can’t just spam the attack key to victory. Depending how long you hold the attack key for, your character will performer certain combat maneuvers. They range from a quick jab to a vertical slash, followed by another horizontal attack. If you don’t let go of the key the hero will continue to perform attack moves. You’ll only contribute to defeating an enemy by letting go of the assigned attack key and by pressing it again in intervals of 2 to 3 seconds. Those seconds fluctuate, consider it a cool down period.

Spells work slightly different. For instance, Holy Fire is the hero’s special attack. Consider it a super move that you can only use a few times during battle. The spell takes a large chunk of an enemy’s health, and its cool down period takes longer than a physical attack takes to cool off. We are talking about 25~30 seconds. Use it wisely, if you’re too far from the target you could do less damage or completely miss the opportunity to hit your foe.

The third combat essential is Heal. Some battles will require you to heal yourself periodically in order to defeat an enemy. That’s doubly true during boss battles, if you do don’t plan your moves wisely you’ll perish in a blink of an eye.

To resume, in order to survive combat it will require some basic strategy. Things become a bit more complex for tougher enemies. How you alternate between healing, attacking, and special moves will make all the difference in combat.

Thank you for taking the time to check K&L: Dawn of a New Age. If you’re interested, an alpha demo is now available for you to download and test some of these key features for yourself. The demo includes a main menu, day & night cycle, one fully detailed outdoor map, and some cosmetic variations of human enemies to fight with.

Download Knights & Legends: Dawn of a New Age | Demo (Alpha) – Indie DB

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Skeleton Magi Test & More About The Battle System
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