Article 02: Prototype Animations & Other News

In this article, I’ll be sharing some cheerful news! Knights & Legends: Project 3D is now changing its name to Knights & Legends: Dawn of a New Age. Although much still subject to change, I’ll sit on it and and test the new title for a few weeks. It seems only appropriate as this new game marks the transition from tabletop RPGs into 3D gaming.

Prototype Animation – Indie DB

Here’s the latest: This week I started working on a few prototypes. Basically 1 mob (the first), the Devouring Slug. This slug will be receiving three different forms. The one you see, acid, and fire. Some ideas for the slug include adding a simple particle effect under it, so while it crawls through the ground the particles will appear to be disrupted dirt in the air.

The Devouring Slug moves slowly, it will be a starter mob for the most part. Its fire and acid forms will feature their own unique attacks like poison and element based magic (Magick). These little suckers will literally come from the ground beneath your feet in order to feed. Better watch your steps!

After messing around with the slug, I went ahead to create Adam & Eve. The two are my Human male and female prototypes. Both look similar in appearance, with the exception of Eve. She sports larger breasts and butt in order to give the female body its own distinctive look. I’ll be working on basic animations soon. And once I start building clothes, armor and other cosmetics, she’ll become a real beauty. Can’t wait! Other races like Orcs, Dwarves and Elves will be slightly adapted from both. More on that will be shown in future articles. By the way, have you watched Eve dance in the featured video above?

Do you have any suggestions!? Feel free to drop a word or two below. In case you’ve missed it, check out Article 01: Starter Visuals And Other Basic Tests During Alpha. You might want to keep track of my blogs also, I’ll try my best to do 2 entries a week if I can. Thank you for checking K&L out! Don’t forget to sub.

Article 02: Prototype Animations & Other News
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