Welcome to the definitive newsletter! This newsletter is called definitive for a reason, I’ll be talking about a lot of very important topics so it will be a bit long. To make things easier for you, I’ve broken it down in topics. It’s recommended you read through all of them. Let’s begin, shall we?!

New Horizon: All-In-One Core Book 6 mo. Anniversary
This month of March marks New Horizon’s 6th anniversary. I couldn’t be any prouder of all my hard work, a sincere and warm thanks to all who purchased the game. I’m glad to report there were over 653 digital units sold in the last few months (DTRPG), including copies acquired through the AU Brush Fire Charity Bundle by OBS. Let’s not forget the Collector’s Edition (Print) that’s available through Blurb, adding another 102 copies to the grand total so far. 755 units sold worldwide! You inspire me to keep moving forward and doing better each day. Thank you, again!

Collector’s Edition (Print)
The Collector’s Edition is manufactured in the United States, mostly within the states of Washington and Georgia. If you live in the US, it doesn’t matter what part of the country you’re in. Your copy will arrive in the mail within 5 to 7 days (Saturdays included). If you are ordering from abroad, there’s likely a facility in your home country too! The Collector’s Edition dimensions are 11×5, with premium gloss mat paper and that hard magazine quality finish. Not only is it flexible and durable, the dust coat helps to keep the dust away. When you purchase the collector’s edition you’re providing me with your full support. That enables me to keep developing the games you enjoy to play! To learn more about the print edition, visit the link:

New Website Features
Now that Knights & Legends is expanding beyond literature, I’ve gone ahead and updated its website accordingly. If you head to the main menu you’ll see that “Digital” is now parented to PDF, Rev-V and K&L: Project-3D. I’m focusing all my time and resources towards the new 3D entry for PC and Mac so it will be a while until you see a new adventure.

I suggest you take your time playing through the New Horizon core book and its supplemental adventures, Shadow Lords Rewritten and The Knight & The Wilds. The three provide a unique solid adventure with many hours and sessions of pure enjoyment. The game also encourages you to create your own custom adventures. Did you know you could sell them on DTRPG with minimum royalties due? It’s a very simple and automated process, if you’re interested simply visit the game’s website then scroll down to the footer and click on the licensing/inquiries link.  

Knights & Legends: Project-3D
A new dedicated page has been created in the game’s website for this project. You’ll be seeing an update within the next few months. I’m currently working on a bunch of C# scripts for the game engine, UI, and character rigging. Already built a few basic models like homes and starter weapons. Still have a ton to go through, and that’s why it will take a couple of months for you to see an update about the game. It’s estimated the game will debut sometime in 2022. Possibly earlier, as I have a record of beating my own deadlines. * Project-3D is not the actual name of the final product, that still to be determined at later time.

I had promised I’d release a new supplement back in February, but ever since I picked up the pace on 3D development I just can’t find the time to work on two very different things at once. Working with 3D design and coding is a very different ballgame, that’s why I’d love to see you write and sell your own adventures for New Horizon. I don’t want to be one of those game designers who promises and never delivers, so I’ll just drop the news upfront…

Lost Relics Rewritten
Rogue Priest Rewritten
That Unnamed Kenjiwah Samurai Adventure
The Lost Citadel Free Supplement

The titles above are cancelled until further notice, sorry!

I’m dead serious when I say I want a partnership with talented writers! If you want, you could even rewrite those now cancelled adventures. Anyone who picks up development on the first three can do so with 0% royalties due on those three specific titles for life. I don’t want to leave my fans feeling abandoned or disappointed.

It’s a lot of work for one person but I strongly feel Knights & Legends: Project-3D must happen now! I believe I’ve already maxed out on my fanbase in the TRPG industry and two years should be a good time for new players to join the hobby. Meanwhile I can bridge a multi-million gaming industry and point them to the hobby as well. It’s a win for everyone!   


Felix, J.

Creator of Knights & Legends.