Once in a while I’d come across these questions, why New Horizon? What makes it so different compared to the many other “systems” available out there? You can find the answers you seek in the new FAQ category!

What is New Horizon? The game is a tabletop role playing game, aka RPG, or TRPG. The all-in-one core book, features the rules needed to play the game, a comprehensive tutorial of how everything works (task resolution), enemies list (bestiary), and a campaign setting (story). It is designed to be played across several game sessions. You may choose to play solo or with friends, on an actual table, and even online!

What is it about? The game’s setting is described as a medieval dark fantasy adventure. Dark fantasy, is not to be confused with horror. The medieval aspect of the game focus in many realistic themes from the middle-ages. You’ll encounter, diverse citizens (NPCs), five different races, complex politics and taxation, inn and taverns, merchants, shops, dungeons, castles, villages, countries, continents, mythological beasts, and oceans to explore! All while engaging with lore-rich environments and remarkable NPCs featured in the core book. All you’ll need to play is a pencil and polyhedral dice, the more dice the better! The core book was released September 2019 and purchase options vary.

How are the rules? The rules are quiet simple and straight forward. You can master the rules in less than 3 hours if you are already experienced with tabletop role playing games. Many different formulas are present within the core book, each with their own purpose and functionality. The more you play, the easier they will come to you. While playing with a game master or adventure teller, first time players can learn about the more complex rules as they play the game. With the Ludens 2.0 Game System (LGS2) you play more. You’ll deal with less downtime and distractions that are often encountered in other systems out there. Ludens 2.0 cuts right through cluttered messy rules and the confusion that are quiet common among many TRPGs, so you can go straight to what matters.


Felix, J.

Creator of Knights & Legends.

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