Available Now: Shadow Lords Rewritten

Shadow Lords Promo #1

Dear friend, we have waited long for this day. I came through with my promise of releasing the classic K&L adventure, reformatted to New Horizon’s Ludens 2.0 game system.

Shadow Lords Rewritten is a huge improvement over its predecessor, the adventure feels solid and less linear. Emphasis was put into survival skills, enabling a small new formula for small prey. That’s not all, this adventure will make you feel really self-reliant as you advance further into it.

One of the first things that you’ll notice, is how vivid and realistic NPCs now feel. They’re likely going to leave an everlasting impression that you can carry over with you during your adventures in Ezora.

As a reminder, if you had already purchased Shadow Lords in the past, It’s now available to you for free! Head to your DTRPG library and download it now! If you haven’t purchased this New Horizon supplement, you can find it at the same link it was available in. Go there now!

Available Now: Shadow Lords Rewritten

Felix, J.

Creator of Knights & Legends.