Officially at work here, let’s go over some of the planned changes!

The original story was a bit railroaded. The rewritten version, works in giving the player a few more choices. With that said, don’t expect unlimited variables. But you’ll have a few more significant choices which will impact the current story.

The original goal will change in order to expand the adventure. Originally, the story consisted of creating a path to knighthood. This time around, while the story will keep the same feel, it will also be driven towards all Lv.1 vocations featured in the New Horizon Core Book. Shadow Lords Rewritten, will feature an exclusive new lv.1 vocation and profession, new artwork and cover art, it will remain an optional epilogue to the Rogue Priest (TBD). Its real focus will be to guide newcomers through the rules of the game in a, learn as you play, baby steps method. The book will likely be recommended from solo to three players (including GM). If you have already purchased it in the past, please insure you have the outdated version saved somewhere else. The new version will overwrite the old one at any day now. The adventure will remain free for previous buyers, and new customers will have access to it for $3.00 once it’s released.

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Felix, J.

Creator of Knights & Legends.