My Time Playing New Horizon as a Player Pt.2

An original story by Felix, J.

Spoilers ahead! The following story contains pieces of the first chapter featured in the New Horizon: All-In-One Core Book, along with a small random quest created by the GM.

2 weeks later… The party stopped to rest before heading into Vancroft (Van-Croft), we were in desperate need of some coin. I knew once we made it through the city gates there were going to be several job opportunities for the three of us.

Unfortunately, things weren’t as easy as they seemed. We weren’t exactly welcomed by the guards. One of them even pointed a crossbow at us from atop a watchtower. They demanded we state our business, we were filthy from our botched journey across the Arcadian Sea. What’s up with those odd lights in the night sky anyway!? Xanadulian Spitzfrauns? That’s something we’ll have to check with that renown Dwarf astronomer once we reach Lindfell. His name escapes me at the moment.

But back to the present, here we are with these guards giving us a hard time. Treating us like vagabonds. We kind of looked like it, but until that city guard puts the crossbow down, my mind is not at ease. Humans don’t take kindly to Orcs, so I took the lead trying to persuade the guards.

After explaining that we had been through hell and back, they finally opened the heavy iron gates. Told us to go straight to the town’s guild, and that’s what we did. I was starving, my stats were already taking a hit, we just didn’t have enough coin to buy food! All because we’ve spent the last few nights in whorehouses and taverns. Talk about spending your Kescs wisely!

Vancroft’s economy was shot due to recent events. Taxes were at record high, items were costing upwards of 15% more than Lorewhyn. Wish we had stocked up some more before setting sail. But there was only so much we could carry anyways.

Well, we put ourselves in this situation and now we had to literally WORK our way out of it. After visiting the guild, we picked up a contract paying K$500. The Job sounded easy enough, to rid the roads of those bastard goblins.

As of Late, the pesky creatures had been attacking merchants coming from the north end of Etheros. We didn’t waste any time, I couldn’t wait to take a bath and get some rest in a warm bed. So back on the road we were, off to deal with the nasty creatures!

My Time Playing New Horizon as a Player Pt.2

Felix, J.

Creator of Knights & Legends.