New Year Sale!

Now is the perfect time to jump in on the adventure! To celebrate a new year, New Horizon is on sale all month long. Check out these options and see what best suits your budget. 🙂

Buy Digital (DTRPG) If you prefer the convenience of instant access to the content you purchase. Print lock disabled, watermarked PDF.

Option #1
Available for a limited time, Hardcore Gaming [Bundle]. Included are the New Horizon: All-In-One Core Book for $9.99, and its new adventure The Knight & The Wilds for only $4.00. Total Savings: $4.00 (Offer Expires Feb 1st 2020)

Buy Print (Blurb) If you prefer the full experience of holding the New Horizon Collector’s Edition in your own hands. Fresh ink smell, Premium high gloss paper, extra durable, dust coating finish. Unmatched quality!

Option #2
First time buyers, enter coupon code: travel3rt to save 30% on checkout. You can purchase the collector’s edition by visiting the link. or you can also preview it here.

New Year Sale!
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