Happy New Year! Here’s the 1st newsletter of 2020.

Be advised, this newsletter is packing a punch! Gossip, new adventures, discounts, and more, just one scroll away.

Let’s get the nasty stuff out of the way first, following my exposé on a few bad players currently plaguing the hobby, and after bringing forward some really toxic mod activity in a few communities out there, New Horizon received a 1-star rating as retaliation. Isn’t that petty!? They should have left a review! I’d love to understand what’s so upsetting about New Horizon that someone would dare to rate the game that low. By the way, please don’t forget to rate and review the game yourself, it makes a huge difference.

Now to happy things, the poll results are in! Thank you to all 100+ fans who chose to participate in the latest survey. Your opinion was heard! Let’s break it down, shall we? Most fans voted for higher quality paid products, and campaigns for New Horizon. I’ll get to work. In fact, there’s a new main entry available today, January 1st 2020!

Even though most fans opted for higher standards in 2020, you will occasionally see a free product or two. By now I’ve made it clear, free often means lower quality. That’s why I’ve asked you to approach New Horizon’s first 33 free supplements with a open mind. Free supplements allowed me to experiment with ideas I normally would not include in a paid product. Most of these products received a overall rating of 4.2, while some fared a tiny bit lower in the 3.8 range. The idea was for you to pick and choose whatever you liked.  

I can’t speak to everyone individually, and only by receiving your input I am able to deliver the things you’d like to see. If you didn’t vote, please consider participating in future polls. Detailed poll results can be seen at the game’s website.

As stated in the beginning of December, all 2019 free supplements are now exclusive to the game’s website. Here you’ll find the Zip archive (134 MB), for you to download and extract.

You have heard this already, I’m sure. Shadow Lords, Lost Relics, and Rogue Priest adventures will be making a comeback in 2020. Reformatted to fit the higher standards present in New Horizon and the Ludens 2.0 game system. If you’ve purchased the three original adventures in the past, you’ll received a 100% discount by e-mail. ONLY IF YOU’RE ACCEPTING, AND IS CURRENTLY SUBSCRIBED TO MY E-MAILS THROUGH DTRPG.  

Fans already saw what can be achieved by supporting further development. Free is good, but there’s no doubt, paid, higher quality products, are the future for 2020. What you’ll also notice, is some restructuring in order to serve you better. And if that’s not enough, check out the new job opportunities being posted on the website.

Also, if you haven’t yet played, I strongly encourage you to head to the game’s website and play Revelation-V, the web browser game. Not only you’ll learn much about ancient ezorian lore in under 10 minutes, you’ll also have a chance to win New Horizon dtrpg coupon codes as you play the game, if you plan in purchasing New Horizon in the near future that is.

Thank you for your continued support!

Felix, J.

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Felix, J.

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