New Horizon: The Knight & The Wilds | Adventure Book

Available Jan 9th 2020 (DTRPG) | Print (TBA)

This short adventure brings even more life to the already lore-rich, world of Ezora. You’ll embark on a quest to discover the whereabouts of the knight Dimitri, protector of Brasco and loving husband of Kotya. Dimitri goes missing after undertaking a quest to rid the nearby woods of lurking evil spirits and a nefarious beast. After his wife doesn’t hear from Dimitri for nearly forty eight hours, she sends a plea for help through a courier to you, a notorious adventurer and risk taker.

The new adventure book will introduce new enemies, locales, NPCs, Maps, and much more! Like the New Horizon: All-In-One Core Book, The Knight & The Wilds supports solo to 5+ players, everyone is welcome on table! The book is considered to be a main entry to the realm of Knights & Legends.

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New Horizon: The Knight & The Wilds | Adventure Book


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