My Time Playing New Horizon as a Player

-Based on a original story by Felix, J.
This is a brief run through of the early stages of the first chapter of the built-in campaign featured in the New Horizon: All-In-One Core Book.

We were a fairly small group, a party of three to be exact. Human wanderers, more like vagabonds. But not all of us, one of us was an Orc, a little hateful, but not a bad guy, or so we thought. We met each other in the port city of Valyria (Vah-La-Rya). A common place for adventurers, traders, and folk from all walks of life.

I was a Lv.1 Hunter, my profession constituted of farming. Yes, I was a farmer. With little to no experience, I earned a petty K$45 a week. Just not enough to make a living, specially if I had plans to start a family of my own one day. I needed a purpose, and so did the other two strangers I met in a random tavern the night before.

There was a small task I had already picked up from a well known fella, Igor the traveling merchant. The quest, to gather a few harpy talons and some bone meal from the undead who roam the night. Payment was set to K$50, upon delivery of the items. I tried haggling my way to K$100, but K$50 was all Igor was willing to pay. And now I had to split it with my new teammates. Not like I would be able to travel unscathed through Harpy Valley on my own anyways. I’ll just take it for what it is and look at the positive side of things.

Before heading out we made a short stop at Ingrid’s, to buy some much needed supplies like weapons and armor, and a few potions too, rather safe than sorry. We end up spending a little over half of our savings before setting out to explore the rest of Loriwhyn, (Lore-Win) one of the 6 great nations of Ezora, a world split between two great continents, Etheros and Thundra.

Eventually, we made our way to the valley. But not before almost running into a Goblin Cavalier. We were ill equipped, and it was best to avoid the fight. Goblins hate humans, and can pick up their scent from a few feet away. Luckily, the Orc’s scent masked ours, while we hid in the nearby bushes. As we walked through the valley under the midday sun, there was no sight of any harpies, perhaps they were taking a nap? We tried to catch one off guard, but things didn’t exactly go according to plan. It called its companions with a loud shriek, and then the battle began…

My Time Playing New Horizon as a Player
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