It’s quiet often I receive the same questions about New Horizon. Figured I would gather a small collection of previous milestones and remarkable links together so you can do some research at your own free time and decide if the game is right for you.

But first, who’s Felix, J!?
I’m Felix, the creator and author of Knights & Legends. I started writing RPGs back in 2016. I played my first rpg when I was 8 years old, and continued to play a variety of games, on and off, until I professionally started writing my own games in my early 30s. My first title, Knights & Legends, was rather polarizing and received a wide range of good and bad reviews. One of my favorite reviews for the title can be found here. Classic Knights & Legends Review.

The title sold nearly 500 copies through as a watermarked digital download for USD $7.99 until it was pulled out the site by its author in order to minimize confusion between K&L and New Horizon.

Classic Knights & Legends Preview

Marco M. wrote, (DTRPG on Oct 4, 2018 17:12 EST )
Purchased all books so far on this series. No regrets.

Dan H. wrote, (DTRPG on April 21st, 2019 20:14 EST)
The value of this product, however, is in its exposition of the most basic concepts of RPGs, such as keyed dungeon maps. For an isolated group with no previous knowledge of role-playing games, Knights and Legends might still be a helpful introduction to the hobby.

Please be advised, the reviews above were written for the classic Knights & Legends TRPG game, and not New Horizon. However, it was thanks to the feedback received that its successor managed to thrive, delivering a 5 star experience to existing fans and new customers worldwide.

New Horizon: All-In-One Core Book (Aka NH: A Dark Fantasy Adventure)
Released Sep 1st, 2019 the game was received by fans and new customers with much anticipation excitement. New Horizon, took its predecessor flaws and perfected them, creating the perfect harmony between story, narrative, combat, and flexibility of choice. Not only that, the game was written in such way that it supports solo to 5+ players with little to no effort.

New Horizon’s Playtester Feedback Prior To The Game’s Release
New Horizon’s Product Cover (Artwork by Javier Charro)
New Horizon’s Launch Trailer #1

New Horizon is not only better all around, it is also 3 times bigger than classic K&L. The book features 180 pages of content (covers included) with built-in features like entire core rules, players guide, bestiary, and campaign setting for the convenient price of USD $12.99 (Watermarked Digital), and a more luxurious collector’s print for $49.99 for fans, and those who wish to support the author even further.

In the first 90 days of availability, there were a few hundred units sold worldwide, with a previous purchaser retention of 88%, a very positive outcome for such a polarizing game.

#1 Top Seller: New Horizon Digital Edition (DTRPG)

Terry B. wrote, (DTRPG on Dec 4, 2019 9:43 pm EST)
Well layed out and easy to read. It has been great so far to run. Keep up the great work.

Eric L. wrote, (DTRPG on Oct 12, 2019 6:35 am EST )
Lovely artwork and the layout is easy to read on any device.
New Horizons will make a great starter game for new players to the hobby or for those who don’t like lots of rules. It reads and plays like the old choose-you-own-way fantasy game books, which means that new players can be directed through the game with little difficulty. The scenario/campaign in the back third of the book is nice and well written but a little linear, but as previously stated this will make it easy for the GM and players to get to grips with the system and give them a really good introduction to RPG’s.

Below are my top selling products, these products are available to you through multiple trusted sources. The website doesn’t keep track of any of your private information. If you have any issue with your order, you can reach out to me through the contact form.

Digital Edition:

Premium Collector’s Edition:

Another product worth keeping in mind, is the poster size world map print! The 12×18 map works great with miniatures on the table. It can be found at

Thank you for reading! Please check out my Q&A with Dan Davenport for more about New Horizon. It will likely answer any other question you might still have.

New Horizon is a step forward in modern roleplaying. To miss it, is to deny evolution itself.
-Felix, J.

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