Winter is around the corner, but don’t worry! This baby is packing heat! Ladies & gents, welcome to the Knights & Legends December Newsletter.

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New Horizon: Kingdom Come(a work in progress)
The world is not ready, and neither is this new campaign book. NH:KC, is set to release around Q1 2020. This title will be a paid add on, featuring an exclusive and exciting new campaign for New Horizon.

Introducing 2 new races, new items, and another complex and thrilling story for your enjoyment.(NH Core Book required)

A particular spike in sales
During the month of November there was a fair surge in European sales. That’s proof of New Horizon’s undeniable success around the globe.

Here’s a brief comparison of sales in the last 90 days. Did you know you could influence your region by sharing social media posts and more!?

1st North America 65%
2nd Europe 30% (up 12%)
3rd Australia & others 5%

Because, fans spread the word!

Censorship hurts modern society
The small and tightly controlled trpg market was extra challenging during the rise of K&L. Each and everyone of you played key role in its success. I owe you my sincere thanks. It’s been almost 2 long years since classic K&L’s debut. Many were those who unsuccessfully tried to stop its rise to the top, but we made it!

Today, Knights & Legends is the top game in the dtrpg’s dark fantasy and unique system category.

Classic K&L’s return
Sometime within the next two months I’ll be revising “Knights & Legends 2e”. You’ll be able to enjoy the classic once more. This will give you the choice of opting in on a simpler version of the exclusive Ludens system, which served as the foundation for New Horizon’s advanced Ludens 2.0.

Best regards,
Felix, J.

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Felix, J.

Creator of Knights & Legends.