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The Holiday Sale

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Collector’s Edition

The holiday sale is on!
Why wait until Christmas!? Do the sane thing and start your holiday shopping early this year. You can catch New Horizon for just $4.99 all month long!

Taking a break
It won’t take long, don’t worry. After working overtime on New Horizon, which was in fact due to release Nov. 1st, and after releasing another 25 free supplements following it’s release, I’m in dire need of some rest.

During this period, I’ll still engage with the public in forums, and will be replying to e-mails sent through the game’s website. I’m not on vacation, just a brief break.

About the Collector’s Edition

You might have noticed by now that the print edition of New Horizon isn’t available through dtrpg. Reason being, I wanted to make sure this very special edition, would be made of the very best quality available out there. After all, it’s the Collector’s Edition. Therefore, in order to purchase thy book, you must visit the game’s website which will direct you to another book dealer. It’s also a great way to show your love and support. It will also look great on your shelf alongside your game collection!

A little fun fact, by now most of you already got the hint I’m a huge Hideo Kojima fan. If you’ve never heard of him, don’t worry! He’s only one of the most respected game (software) developers out there. I plan in playing Death Stranding until new year’s development starts again. If you own a PS4 you might want to check it out. Reviews for the game will be available Nov. 1st, one week prior to it’s US release date of Nov. 8th 2019. (Because fans spread the word)

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