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What does it mean to be free of social pressure? It means loyalty to fans over profits, not only that, it means a lot more. Today’s media, easily manipulates people into doing their bidding thanks to “social pressure” where a group of individuals will forcefully make an author or creator of a product change certain elements in order to satisfy the control-thirsty masses.

Here’s an example, John is a middle aged man who didn’t have a solid foundation. He was easily controlled by friends and strangers because he was simply a gullible man. John was born a heterosexual, he has a wife and twins, both nearing their twenty first birthday. John never really found a meaningful purpose in life, and more often than not relied on TV and Social Media for his news updates.

As the years passed, John started noticing the media was now aiding homosexuals and other “minority groups” come forward with their thoughts and opinions to the world. Soon, the shaming game began…

If you weren’t pro this, or pro that. The offended “Minority Group” would organize a mob attack on your name or brand trying to destroy you. Not trying to make you change your mind, you’ve read it right, trying to destroy you! Because of the new social norms, blindly and unofficially dictating that you must appeal to “Minority Groups” otherwise you’re against them.

John, who lacked the discipline and the education started acting in this way too. Until one day someone told him to stop pushing his views on people, and that everyone is free to follow whatever path they choose. However, pushing your views on other people is simply wrong. You don’t have to take sides, there’s a state of mind called neutrality, for those who don’t wish to become another pawn in this media influenced social war.

But John’s kids didn’t listen to the advise, and started bullying anyone who opposed the pro-minority movement. Soon, they were hated by all their lifelong friends who were fed up with their aggressive blind pro-minority agenda.

They grew to become angry human beings that just couldn’t understand people disliked them for the way they handled themselves, and not for who they were. Unfortunately by the time they realized it, it was already too late.

Author’s Note: I bring you this story today, because I’ve experienced it firsthand. I want other developers out there to understand you’re not forced to pick sides in this, toxic, media manipulated, social war.

Of course, if you value profits over anything else, by all means continue to be a pawn in this game. Not everyone has the valor to standup to today’s norms, but rather choose, or feel like there’s no other option then to tuck their tail between their legs and just take it for what it is. Not me, I don’t care about your political preferences or orientations, if you consider yourself a minority or not, New Horizon is a social pressure free game. A wonderful healthy experience that will set new standards in the tabletop RPG Industry.



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