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Dear customer, Welcome to the Oct. Newsletter, in this issue I’m bringing forth some very very very real issues I’ve encountered recently that are making me feel rather displeased with the state that the market is in for a while now.

Let’s start with one key issue. I need to hear you feedback in order to improve my products, in order to make it better for you. New Horizon debuted Sep 1st and while the game is selling daily, I’ve only received feedback from five purchasers, and 1 review.

If you liked the game, please take a second to visit the link and leave your rating and or review. I really need to understand you thoughts on the title in order to further expand and enhance it. I made the game for you, and believe it or not, I can’t play the game as much as you’d like to because I’m always marketing it.

Here’s the issue, the market looks big right? Truth is, it isn’t. There’s thousands of supplements out there, but few complete games. There’s a big war of information to get to the end user which is you, the customer.

Things get dirty, it isn’t a clean fight. I ran into liars, trolls, and no-life individuals more often then I would like. Some are downright scary, while others are plainly hilarious. Truth is, you might have no clue of what I deal with to get this product to you.

Zealots run the market, they don’t want to make room for legit game designers like myself. If you own New Horizon you already know why they worry. It’s plain and simple, NH isn’t the best game out there, it’s its own type of TRPG and it’s affordable. It just makes some of these other guys look silly.

Can you believe NH wasn’t featured in the newsletter? I think it’s ridiculous when you receive a response such as, “Couldn’t fit it, because if the newsletter is too big (one or two more links) then you, the buyer, won’t read it… Make your own idea of the subject. Bottom line is, I need your help to spread the word about New Horizon in order to keep it growing.

Regarding free supplements
Hope you’re enjoying them. More are on the way!

Best regards,
Felix, J.

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Felix, J.

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