Today I’m very happy to announce some great news revolving the game, and classic K&L too! Let’s begin with the latest happening with New Horizon.

On Sep, 15th I went ahead to published the New Horizon Collector’s Ed. What does it mean for buyers and where does the title stand? Well, let’s start with the pros of each edition.

Do you get more stuff with the collector’s edition? The answer to that is, NO! I believe everyone should have access to the same content of the game regardless if you paid more or less.

The collector’s edition is designed for elitists who wish to show their full support. Naturally, you’ll benefit from a premium hardcopy of the game. Below is a comparison of both, digital and print.


Feel free to look at it at your own time. As for the digital edition of New Horizon, I’m happy to tell you it has been reinstate to the DTRPG store following feedback from fans which took their time to drop me a few e-mails explaining concerns of the title going non-exclusive. I really appreciate your feedback and I assure you as a responsible developer I’m with my fans, always! I thank you for your support.

Please don’t forget to share the news, it’s one of the best ways to show your love for the game. I’m just a guy following my passion, I don’t need spotlighting on me, just the game. 🙂

Let’s talk about classic K&L: Shadow Lords, Lost Relics, Rogue Priest, and Revelation-V

The titles mentioned above were temporarily removed from the DTRPG store as they will be readapted to play with the Ludens 2.0 system. If you’ve already purchased the titles. It will be available to you for free!

There’s no time frame to as of when the classics will be back, but they’ll debut in the order they were first launched. So expect Shadow Lords Rewritten in the near future!

Thank you for your continuous support!



Creator and author of the Knights & Legends Legacy.

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