Being Historically Accurate Was a Must

A great amount of attention was put into details, from beginning to end. One of my favorite things about New Horizon is, the game is loaded with metaphors, which can very well translate into real life circumstances. Believe it or not, the game could actually help shape and mold you into a better person. It puts great emphasis in being historically accurate in many ways. Medieval times, weren’t as pleasant as many of us think it used to be. Today we have fat children playing LARP, when in reality a person so out of shape, would have little to no chance of surviving combat. No armor would fit them, and if it did, it would likely weight from 1.5 to 2.0 times more the weight of regular armor, which was already pretty limiting itself. New Horizon, truly makes you feel like you’re living in the middle-ages, in a world very similar to our Earth. The game pushes you to explore the outdoors more often than dungeons. I’ve been to a few dungeons in person. With the latest being, 2 hours south from Lima, Peru. You don’t have the space to swing a sword in most of them, the passageways are narrow, and if you’re over 6 feet tall you’d get some real neck pain. There are dark places to explore, don’t get me wrong. You could descend into tombs and catacombs, caverns, etc… All of that made with hopes of motivating you, to one day really go out there and do some exploring of your own.

And these are just few of the things that make New Horizon so unique and special, compared to other games out there. Let’s not forget the new survival system, that was put into place to help make your character truly feel alive. Not eating or drinking, could mean certain death. Below, is also a small example of how the final product turned out to be. Remember the old bestiary page from draft?            

Being Historically Accurate Was a Must

Felix, J.

Creator of Knights & Legends.

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