NH Early Release Details

Thank you for your interest in New Horizon! It came to my attention some people out there were a bit puzzled to see the game release 3 and a 1/2 months early. I don’t blame them, let’s clarify things up!

Understanding sudden changes of plan in game development Being an Indie developer has it’s advantages, I wrote the 180 page game book all by myself, and all artwork was licensed from independent artists. The deadline was originally set to Q1 2020 which means the game was going to debut at some point in January 2020. However, some factors made me change my mind and I decided to release the game early. By early, it doesn’t mean rushed or unfinished, it means less content than originally planned.

Everything comes at a cost In my case, as an Indie developer that’s been in the tabletop industry for roughly a year and half. I realized something, it’s not about how many pages a game book has, but its content. New Horizon, is a complete experience as it is. The game’s current index page is displayed below. Originally the game was going to have 224 pages, with a retail price of $14.99. Keeping in mind those 44 pages would be entirely dedicated to the fourth chapter. But the game already felt very much complete, and the fourth chapter felt like a cheeseburger too many. It leaves you wanting more, but in the good sense of the word.

Current Index Page

Supplements are planned to start kicking in around February 2020. Some will be free, and others will cost significantly low prices. New Horizon is a very unique experience, and I’ll do my best to keep customers happy with their purchase. The game retails for $12.99, and can be found exclusively at DTRPG. In response to some concerns of not enough content being displayed, I went ahead and addressed the problem by releasing a whole lot of content out there. I can surely understand $10.00+ could be a small fortune to some, specially when you have a family and a home to maintain. It was with that thought in mind I made the decision to cut chapter 4 out and make the book available to the public for significantly less.

It’s a win for everyone! As an independent game designer I benefit from certain freedoms other “Pros” don’t, and I try to make the most out of it. I thank you for checking out New Horizon, and please keep an eye out for exciting new things in the near future.

NH Early Release Details

Felix, J.

Creator of Knights & Legends.

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