New Horizon Development 101 #4

Now that I’m working on chapter 3 of the campaign featured in the core book, I figured I would make this chapter as versatile as I could. By the time you reach this point in the campaign, your hero will likely be almost maxed out and likely in the quest to obtain the top classes and abilities. Chapter 3 can be played in any order, this is where you really get to go and explore the world to its fullest. You aren’t bound by one main event that keeps you within a certain continent. Even though the previous two chapters don’t prohibit players from going exploring the world in its entirety, but the odds you’ll get your character killed are about 150% higher. Chapter 3, will push players to the limit with random quests you may partake to fight the toughest foes in the world. All with its own rewards!

Here is an example of the first quest you’ll find in chapter 3. This could be your 10th, or 30th if you wish so. Quest #001, is a follow up of a very special event you witness while sailing the Arcadian sea in chapter 1. Meet the Spitzfraun race. An outer worldly alien race inspired by the show Ancient Aliens. Laugh Now

The Spitzfraun name comes from the combination of the German words, Spitz and Frau. Or pointy, Mrs. the letter N, was then added so it would create a name you can’t find anywhere else but in the world of Ezora. The Spitzfraun is an all female NPC race from the world’s moon, Xanadu. Hence the name Xanadulian Spitzfraun. Laugh Harder

What they’re doing in Ezora still a mystery!

Let’s say one of these aliens KOs your hero. The three turn rule goes by, and your character is permanently dead. What now? All your hard work gone!? Yes, kind of. But before you rage quit, you should have known better to keep some restorative items or spells in stock. It’s not the GMs fault your PC died. New Horizon is designed to give players the ultimate challenge. This isn’t a walk in the park, enemies are unmerciful. Thanks to the family tree system, you’ll get another chance to continue. Not as your character, but as his or hers offspring (aka child). The little bastard, will pass through a genome filtering process which will add and subtract some key stats from his mommy and daddy. You’ll begin anew from level 1, but stronger. By the time the kid reaches top level, he or she will be stronger than their parents were! And so on, and on…

You can start your family tree as early as chapter 1, or as late as chapter 3. This will keep players from having an emotional breakdown when their heroes get crushed in the game. Remember to pick your foes wisely, the game is designed to be unforgiving…

Chapter 3 | Quest #003

The first part of the quest, sets focus in summoning players to Elmora. There, they’ll unveil the secret behind the ancient obelisk. The abyssal world, will open up infinite possibilities to those who take advantage of the adventure building system featured in the book. You’re no longer bound to just one world!

A plan for a free OGL-style license is being drafted. You could build and sell your own adventures if it becomes concrete.

However, “checks” will be put into place at the game’s official website, once it’s redesigned. This will help validate products done in good faith.
Protecting buyers from abuse, and avoiding past events, where few people tried to use my IP without permission.

Expect to hear more about the licensing process in the near future! The full steps will be included in the book. After all, you can’t write an adventure without owning a legal copy of the core book. That would mean you’d have to enter your purchase receipt number along with your licensing inquiry. That doesn’t apply for classic K&L! It has its own paid non-exclusive licensing in place, and it will remain that way.

New Horizon Development 101 #4
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