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Let’s Talk About The Development Process Behind New Horizon

Hello everyone, now that I have a better idea about the development time involved with this major Indie release, that is New Horizon. I’m ready to share a couple of things publicly. So I’ll be clarifying some of the previously asked questions and so on.

Raw completion rate: 68% (before any edits)
Total artwork featured in the final product: 79~85
Artists Involved: 14
Playtesters: 3
Writer: Myself
Total amount of pages: 180~220
Work Pace: 10~15 pages weekly
Days of the week: Tues thru Sat
Hours Daily: 2~4

As you can see, the game is being worked on on a daily basis. I avoid spending too much time away from the project to not fall off the mood and the setting. Interesting thing happening throughout the campaign writhing process is, the story is being continued daily without major future events being written down. Unlike it’s predecessor that had a pre-planned path. New Horizon varies on a daily basis, and that is helping keep the story fresh and engaging. Although I’ll store ideas on the back of my mind, there’s no guarantees that what I have planned will fit in with the current story. You’ll experience many emotions while playing through the campaign.

There’s a whole lot of suspense going on, there’s nasty and there’s gory. You won’t be railroaded into a direct path, there’s a lot of room for improvisation and customization. You can even take up random quests such as helping a husband find out if his wife is a harlot or not, which by the way, was a lot of fun writing and I had a good laugh out of it. Not to mention there’s several outcomes to this one specific quest. And it may even generate some controversy when players actually get to play this particular quest.

What’s next!?
After the raw version of the book is complete comes my personal editing, which consists of at least 60+ edits. Ranging from typos, to punctuation and another spell check, page by page. I know some may jump the trigger to point out “grammar” and punctuation issues during previews. The important thing is, I’m keeping track of everything and the final product will be edited by me, proofread by others, and immaculate to you.

Playtesters are being a huge help when it comes to pointing out certain concerns, that is only achieved when testing the game outside of my circle. The game is being put through a lot of different perspectives in order to become that perfect TRPG. And of course, there will be those who still won’t be satisfied, but I guarantee that will be a tiny minority and the bottom line is, you can’t please everyone.

When can you expect New Horizon?
There’s no official release date at this moment, the game will be a dtrpg exclusive, like my previous titles.
If production continues at a smooth rhythm, you could expect to own this book as early as November 2019.
What you shouldn’t expect are sales. Unlike my previous books, New Horizon was a rather costly project, and there won’t be any sales for it in the near future.

What’s my pitch? Or why should you buy my book?
There will be an ample preview of the material, that will be provided in the sales page. (Mechanics won’t be shown in the preview.)
If you like what you see, then buy it! If you don’t like what you see, consider that perhaps it’s not for you.

I thank all previous buyers for your support! This game was funded by you, and I strive to give you the best.

Dev Schedule | Behind The Scenes
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