New Horizon Development 101 #01

Dear friends, here’s a glimpse of what’s coming in this 2020 DTRPG exclusive. Fans, will experience immediate nostalgia. Newcomers, are encouraged to catch up with the K&L collection before then. That’s also the best way to support the development of NH, as it grants the creator better resources to work with, while avoiding delays. This thread will be updated periodically, for now, enjoy this brief video and I’ll get back here tomorrow to start the new talking points.

The Goal
Providing you with an unique game system and vibrant world that constantly grows, keeping it affordable, self sustained by your purchase and support.
Creating New Horizon’s predecessor wasn’t easy and the amount of time and dedication put into it where key factors in making my game different than your average tabletop rpg. With NH, development will move a bit quicker thanks to the, Ludens rule system, I’ve already put into place. The game will received a fair amount of additions to the rules, for complexity and more customizable actions. The system emphasizes the importance of your custom actor, everyone has a background, a story, a bloodline.

Both players and enemies will benefit from tighter selective targeting options. Instead of just aiming for major body locations such as, ribs, legs, and head. You’ll now be able to sever limbs, ears and fingers which will have a noticeable impact on stats. Your battle-wounds could potentially become infected, if untreated, leading your character to further impairments or death.

That’s when the new family tree system will kick into place, your character could retire, or even live on through his children. detailed information won’t be placed here, that protects my core system mechanics from being stolen or adapted by someone else.

New Horizon will feature an unique storyline, a new arc. With the implementations done to the Ludens Game System (LGS2), you’ll be able to join the realm of Knights & Legends easily without the need of knowing the previous arc. You’ll encounter all past and new lore within NH, a brief recap in some of the past events, new races, enemies, a redesigned spell system, implemented combat, family tree, better armory, a new campaign, and more, all within the core book!

Your Feedback
Many of the new features were done thanks to valuable feedback from customers, If you’re a returning customer, please know I appreciate your support.

The game will be available to you in both digital and print formats.
Pricing won’t be discussed here until it’s released.

Would you like to playtest NH?
Playtesting will begin in July and run through September.
Send a PM with info of other games you’ve playtested and why NH interests you. This period will be similar to a closed beta with a watermarked PDF. You’ll only receive a portion of the book, with base mechanics and a brief story to tryout, must return your feedback no later than end of September.

Breaking down the character sheet Part 1

This weekend I’ll be going over the process of building a custom actor, the equivalent to a playable character, or PC. Basically, these are the first steps, to build each player’s CA. Perhaps by then, I’ll also get into how the family tree system will work.

In the book there’s a comprehensive tutorial which will walk you through this process.

Following down the left column, past the self explanatory basic CA info, comes the class and occupation blanks.

Classes: Paladin, Warrior, Samurai, Shinobi, Mage, Templar, Shaman, Dark Knight, Warlock, Hunter, Ranger, Marksman.

Lv.1 classes: Warrior, Shaman, Hunter.

Lv.2 classes: Templar, Samurai, Mage, Ranger.

Lv.3 classes: Paladin, Warlock, Shinobi, Dark Knight, Marksman.

Players won’t be forced to upgrade to any class, but by doing so, they won’t be able to enjoy exclusive benefits the classes grant them.

The level system offers stat increases of its own. More about how the level system will work remains to be seen at this moment.

Occupation & w/ K$

Everyone needs a job, since the very beginning of our existence. W/ K$, stands for weekly Kescs, the game’s currency.

Jobs: Wench, Bartender, Farmer, Blacksmith, Tailor, Carpenter, Mason, Watch, Tailor, Councilman.

Lv.1 jobs: Wench, Bartender, Farmer.

Lv.2 jobs: Carpenter, Mason, Watch.

Lv.3 jobs: Blacksmith, Tailor, Councilman.

Jobs are a important part of the LGS2 system, why? While you step away, your character will be performing their regular duties, which will grant you some $K when you come back to the table. But also giving your CA, particular benefits that can be exploited during certain scenarios. You can do whatever you want with the earning. finetuning and weekly rates, are currently being elaborated.

Players won’t be forced to upgrade to any job, but by doing so, they won’t be able to enjoy exclusive benefits the jobs grant them.

Weapons & Armor

There will be a variety of weapons and armor, each with its own stats.

  •     The type of armor you wear, will influence your sneaking success rate.
  •     A Custom Actor, with a sword and shield equipped, will be able to take advantage of the new parry & counter maneuver.

Buffs & Ailments

They are basic stat mods that can last for a short period of time, or long term. Could be triggered by a spell, wound, disease, etc…

The Base Stats

Every new character will start with their base stats locked at 5. Classes will provide attribute points that can then be allotted to the specific stat of your choice.

Levels will also provide general stats increase. Although I’m still debating if the HP should be influenced by levels or not.

New Horizon Development 101 #01
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