Infringement Info

Have you or your domain received a Knights & Legends DMCA takedown notice?
Here is what to do to get things back on track, the notice will include links to the infringing material in which your website, server, or cloud is harboring. If you've received the notice it is likely Felix, J. the creator and author of K&L's product line has already tried to contact you regarding removal of infringing content(s) without success. In the event the responsible party fails to comply with previous procedures. An ICANN inquiry is processed and the organization, company, registrar, and or cloud service will received a copy of the takedown request in a last resort to remove the infringement from their server. Should all diplomatic attempts fail, the copyright holder has the right to pursue any legal resources available to him. Whether the matter is escalated or not will largely depend if it's considered urgent or non-urgent. If you have received the notice, compliance is generally the best policy. It shows professionalism, responsibility and respect by the infringing party.